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Giving birth through the vaginaAtt föda barn genom slidan - engelska

Childbirth often starts with contractions or fluid coming out of the vagina. The contractions become longer and more frequent. The birth ends with you pushing the baby out through your vagina. Childbirth can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

When should I go to the maternity ward?När ska jag åka till förlossningsavdelningen? - engelska

During the early stage of labour, it is most common to stay home. When the contractions become stronger and more frequent, it is time to go to the hospital maternity ward.

Maternity ward – where you go when it is time to give birthFörlossningsavdelningen - hit kommer du när du ska föda barn - engelska

When you are due to give birth, you can go to a maternity ward. There, you will be met by a midwife (barnmorska) and examined. You will be given your own room.

Inducing labourIgångsättning av förlossningen - engelska

Sometimes help from a healthcare service is needed to get the childbirth process started. This is called inducing labour. There are different methods that can be used to induce labour. These are described here.

Bleeding after giving birth Blödningar efter förlossningen - engelska

Everyone bleeds from the vagina after childbirth. The blood comes from a wound in the uterus. The wound occurs when the placenta detaches from the uterus. Some people who experience problems with bleeding may need to seek medical attention.

Uterine infection after childbirthInfektion i livmodern efter förlossning - engelska

Some people develop an infection in their uterus after giving birth. This is because bacteria have got into the uterus. Seek medical attention so you can get treatment.

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