Your feelings about your childbirth experience

Hur du upplevde din förlossning - engelska

It is common to feel many emotions after giving birth. That is why it can be helpful to talk about your childbirth experience with a midwife or doctor. You can get more support if you need it.

Feelings about the childbirth experience vary from person to person.

The same is true about the need and desire to talk about the birth.

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Talk to a midwife or doctor at the hospital

After giving birth, you can talk to a midwife or doctor while still at the hospital. You can ask questions and have them answered.

Your partner or someone else close to you can be present for this.

Sometimes the midwife will ask questions

After some births, the midwife will usually ask how the person is feeling, both physically and emotionally.

For example, this may be if the baby was born by an unplanned caesarean section. Another example is if the baby needed extra care after birth.

If you need to talk, let a member of staff know, if they have not asked you already.

After you come home

A few weeks after you come home, you will visit a midwifery clinic to meet with a midwife.

At that time, you will talk about your childbirth experience and how you are feeling.

You and the midwife will read and discuss your medical records from the birth. These records are the notes that the staff made about the time you spent in hospital.

If you need more support and help

You can receive support and help if you are not doing well physically or emotionally after the birth.

The midwife will help you if you need to see a doctor. You can also get help to see another type of healthcare provider, such as a psychologist or physiotherapist.

The first week after the birth, you can contact the hospital where you gave birth.

After a week, you can contact a midwifery clinic. You can find a list of midwifery clinics here. The information is in Swedish.

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