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When you submit samplesNär man lämnar prov - engelska
Mammogram – breast screeningMammografi - engelska

A mammogram is a breast screening tool that can show whether you have breast cancer or are at risk of getting cancer. Mammograms make it possible to detect and treat breast cancer at an early stage. Mammograms are performed free of charge.

Cervical screening testCellprov från livmodern - engelska

A cervical screening test is performed by collecting a sample from your cervix via your vagina. This test shows whether there have been any changes in your uterus that could develop into cancer. The cervical screening test can show whether anything has changed at a very early stage. This makes it possible to give you the right treatment as early as possible, if required. A cervical screening test is performed free of charge.

PSA test for the prostateBlodprov: PSA - engelska

The PSA test is a blood test that can show whether there are any changes in your prostate. Some changes are harmless, while others could lead to prostate cancer. A doctor can use a PSA test to find out whether you need additional examinations or treatments.

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