Examination of the small intestine with capsule endoscopy

Kapselendoskopi - engelskaThe content concerns Västerbotten

You are about to have a kapselendoskopi, capsule endoscopy. This is an examination where you will have to swallow a small capsule containing a very small camera. The camera then takes pictures of the inside of the small intestine. It is important that you prepare yourself beforehand so that the examination can be carried out.

You must contact endoskopienheten Umeå no later than 5 days before the examination if any of the following apply to you:

  •  You have difficulty swallowing large tablets
  •  You have narrow sections of the small intestine.

You can reach us on 090-785 93 03.

Preparation for your examination

This is what you should do at home before the examination

  • You are not allowed to eat iron tablets 10 days before the examination.

Important to remember the day before the examination

  • No food intake after 2 pm.
  • Drink 2 litres of the medicine Laxabon the evening before the examination. It should be done between 4-6 p.m.
  • Don't drink anything after midnight.
  • You can drink medicines and clear drinks until midnight.

Wear a t-shirt when you arrive for the examination.

This is what occurs at the examination

  • You will swallow a capsule with water. The shape of the capsule makes it easy to swallow.
  • You then not allowed to eat or drink for 2 hours. When 2 hours have passed you may drink again. After 4 hours you can eat as usual.
  • You will receive a belt around your waist so that we can receive signals from the camera. You will also receive a bag to carry the box that will be receiving the camera's signals.
  • When you have swallowed the capsule, you may leave the hospital for approximately 8 hours. During that time, you should avoid physical work and activities that could damage the equipment.
  • Do regular checks that the belt is in place, that the cables are secure and that the blue light on the box is flashing.

You should not be in places where there are strong magnetic fields such as MRI or radio transmitters. It can interfere.

The box must also not be exposed for extreme cold or strong sunlight. It must also not be shaken. 

What happens next?

At 15.45 on the day of the examination, you must be back at the hospital to hand in the box and belt. The images will then be sent to a computer and examined by a physician.

You don't have to worry about the capsule. The capsule will be discharged in your stool and you can flush it down because it is small and does not contain any dangerous substances. But it is important that you pay attention to whether it has been discharged if you are going to do an MRI at a later time.

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