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Compensation for healthcare injuriesErsättning vid vårdskada - engelska
Compensation for healthcare journeysSjukresor - engelska

A healthcare journey is a journey between your home and a healthcare provider. For example, this may be a visit to a doctor, a dentist, a counsellor, a physical therapist or a physiotherapist. The journey may be made by bus, train or your own car. You are personally responsible for getting yourself to and from the planned appointment. If you are unable to take public transport or use your own car due to health reasons, you have the right to make the journey by taxi. A doctor’s note is required for this.

Health Choice VästerbottenHälsoval Västerbotten - engelska

You are free to choose your healthcare centre.

Medical aid and community support for the disabledHjälpmedel och samhällsstöd vid funktionshinder - engelska
Patient recordsPatientjournalen - engelska

A record is made when patients seek and receive care. The primary purpose of patient records is to ensure that your healthcare is documented by the staff member who administers your care.

Interpretation into my languageTolkning till mitt språk - engelska

You can get help from an interpreter if you do not speak Swedish. The interpreter will help you by translating what is said when you visit healthcare or dental services.

Choosing a clinicVälja vårdmottagning - engelska

You have the right to use the health centre or clinic of your choice when you need outpatient care. You can obtain outpatient care wherever you like in Sweden.

Video: Can I choose my treatment?Film: Får jag välja behandling? - engelska
Video: Can I get help to keep track of my healthcare contacts?Film: Kan jag få hjälp att hålla reda på mina vårdkontakter? - engelska
Video: Choosing a clinicFilm: Välja vårdmottagning - engelska
Video: Who do I contact when I'm ill?Film: Vem kontaktar jag när jag är sjuk? - engelska
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