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Rules and rights

Compensation for healthcare injuries

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If you suffer injuries in the care process that could have been avoided, you can receive compensation for suffering, extra costs or disablement, i.e. disability of a permanent nature. This is regulated by the Swedish Patient Injury Act, and for this reason all care providers and pharmaceutical companies must have patient insurance.

You are entitled to receive compensation for injuries incurred in conjunction with examination, care or treatment – even if individual blame cannot be established. Causes could include faulty equipment, incorrect diagnoses, incorrect prescription of medication, catching an infection or suffering an accident.

Sometimes injuries or complications cannot be avoided. In these cases you are not entitled to compensation. The same applies if you have had side effects to medication that was prescribed correctly, or if you have become infected by your own bacteria.

Claims and investigations

In order to receive compensation you must report the injury to Patient Insurance LÖF, either on your own or with the help of medical staff. You can report the injury using a special form available on lof.se or at the Patients' Advisory Committee.

Private doctors and dentists are insured by private insurance companies and are obliged to inform you of their insurance company.

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