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Rules and rights

Compensation for healthcare journeys

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A healthcare journey is a journey between your home and a healthcare provider. For example, this may be a visit to a doctor, a dentist, a counsellor, a physical therapist or a physiotherapist. The journey may be made by bus, train or your own car. You are personally responsible for getting yourself to and from the planned appointment. If you are unable to take public transport or use your own car due to health reasons, you have the right to make the journey by taxi. A doctor’s note is required for this.

Personal fees and reimbursement

You have the right to receive compensation after the fact for travel expenses which you have incurred. For certain journeys, you are liable for all or part of the costs. These are called personal fees.

  • If you use your private car, you will receive compensation of 15 SEK per mile after the personal fee of 200 SEK has been settled.
  • Journeys by public transport (bus or 2nd class train) within the district (län) are not subject personal fees. If the price for a single ticket is more than 86 SEK you will be compensated for the full amount. Journeys by bus and train which cost less than 86 SEK will not be compensated.
  • If you have travelled by taxi, or if you have travelled to another district (län), you will be compensated for that part of the journey which exceeds the personal fee of 200 SEK.

You will not receive compensation for parking fees and other costs. There is a cost ceiling for persons travelling to healthcare appointments frequently.

Cost ceiling for healthcare journeys

The cost ceiling means that you will pay no more than 2,400 SEK in personal fees for healthcare journeys within a twelve-month period. The time is calculated from the date when you made your first journey.

How to apply for reimbursement

When you register at reception upon arriving for your appointment, you can ask for a form called ”Begäran om resebidrag/intyg om vård” (Request for travel compensation/certificate of healthcare).

Complete the form and post it to the following address:

Postal address:
901 85 Umeå

Don't forget to include receipts. If you are over 19 years of age and need someone to accompany you, the healthcare centre staff must state this on the form and sign it. You may also submit the form (with any receipts and signatures from healthcare centre staff) using the special red postboxes around the hospital.

Journeys by taxi or special transport

If the healthcare centre staff require that you travel to your appointment by taxi or a special form of transport because of your medical condition, please book your journey with the Service travel request centre. Please book your journey no later than two working days before your planned appointment.

Please note that the healthcare centre staff will wait until after your appointment before deciding whether there are medical grounds that require you to travel home by taxi or special transport. The healthcare centre staff will arrange the journey home in this case.

If you fall ill and require urgent medical assistance, you can contact the Service travel request centre 24 hours a day to arrange a journey.


If you require the help of a companion, this person is entitled to reimbursement of their journey. The companion must be present during the entire journey and appointment. It is up to the healthcare centre staff to determine whether you require a companion to be present. Children and young people up to 19 years of age have the right to have a companion with them at all times.

Cancelled journeys

You must cancel both the journey and the appointment if you cannot make it to your planned healthcare appointment. Please cancel by ringing the Service travel request centre. If you do not cancel the journey, you may be liable to pay for the journey.

Journeys outside of Västerbotten

Contact the Service travel request centre for help with arranging journeys outside of Västerbotten. This requires that:

  • You have special dispensation from Region Västerbotten which the Service travel request centre has evidence of.
  • This evidence indicates what sort of transport you require and whether you require someone to accompany you.

You may also arrange the journey yourself in agreement with the Service travel request centre. In this case, you will receive reimbursement based on what is presented on the evidence. It is the actual travel costs that will be compensated.

Please apply by sending tickets and receipts from your healthcare appointment to Sjukresor. 

You can seek medical care outside of Region Västerbotten on your own initiative but you will be required to pay for the entire journey yourself in this case.

When no public transport is available

If there is no public transport near to where you live, you can get help with ordering a connecting taxi. In this case, it is required that you make the majority of the journey by public transport and that the connecting journey is only a shorter stretch.

Please order connecting journeys with the Service travel request centre no later than two working days in advance.

Contact information for Service travel request centre and Sjukresor

To book a healthcare journey, please contact the Service travel request centre.

Telephone: +46 (0)771-25 10 20

Apply for reimbursement

Please send your application for reimbursement to the following address:

901 85 Umeå

Questions concerning reimbursement

If you have queries regarding healthcare journeys, please call Sjukresor. 

Telephone: +46 (0)90-785 75 50

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