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Medical aid and community support for the disabled

Hjälpmedel och samhällsstöd vid funktionshinder - engelskaThe content concerns Västerbotten

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Region Västerbotten is responsible for disabled individuals receiving the rehabilitation and training that they require in order to be able as far as possible to manage their own daily lives and their rights and responsibilities as citizens. Region Västerbotten is primarily responsible for health and medical care at all levels of care.

Its habilitation and rehabilitation programmes also include the opportunity to test be given medical aids to facilitate everyday life and increase the opportunity to lead an independent existence.

The municipality is responsible for schools/education, home adaptation, care for the elderly and disabled and for all levels of health and medical care, prior to seeing a doctor, in special types of accommodation. The Social Insurance Agency is responsible for areas covered by social insurance, for example pensions and sickness allowance.

Individual habilitation plan and coordination plan

Sometimes authorities need to cooperate in order for a combination of planned and implemented initiatives to work. This can involve cooperation between healthcare habilitation and the municipal social services or school, Social Insurance Agency or Public Employment Service.

If more than one authority is involved, you are entitled to a coordination plan and a coordinator who helps to coordinate all pertinent operations. The plan is developed in cooperation with the individual concerned or a relative in the event that the individual cannot participate.

LSS - an entitlement law

The Swedish Act concerning Support and Service for Persons with Certain Functional Impairments (LSS) is an entitlement law. Rulings under entitlement laws can be appealed and tried in court.

The healthcare authority has the primary responsibility for health and medical care, habilitation, rehabilitation and medical aid. You or your representative must apply for measures in accordance with LSS. The aim of these measures is to facilitate a good and independent life for disabled individuals.

Region Västerbotten's committee for disability and habilitation is responsible for preparations and rulings regarding specific support in accordance with LSS. If you are entitled to measures in accordance with LSS, you can request the establishment of an individual plan.

Whom do I contact?

Most municipalities and regions have specific LSS administrators. LSS issues within Region Västerbotten: 090-785 71 31.

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