High-cost protection for non-institutional health care
Högkostnadsskydd för öppenvård – engelska

There is a maximum amount you are required to pay for health care in a county. The high-cost protection for non-institutional health care can also be applicable if you seek care in a county other than the one in which you live.

The high-cost protection means that, for a period of twelve months you pay a maximum of SEK 1,100 in total for non-institutional care visits, such as to a health centre for example. Non-institutional care refers to all care that does not involve your admission to hospital.

The calculation begins from the first visit, irrespective of when in the year this is made. When you have paid up to the level decided upon by the county or region you then receive an exemption card that applies for the remainder of the twelve months period. During that remaining period you pay nothing for your visits. When the twelve months period has elapsed, you again start to pay for your visits until the next time you reach the high-cost amount.

Here is an example: you make your first visit on 25 April one year and, following a number of visits, you will have paid SEK 1,100 in patient charges by 10 October of the same year. You then receive an exemption card and pay nothing for non-institutional care visits up until 25 April of the following year.

A county or a region can decide upon a high-cost amount of less than SEK 1,100.

The high-cost protection does not normally cover

  • the charges you pay per day when you are admitted to hospital
  • vaccinations
  • medical certificates and health examinations
  • preventive measures such as, for example, breast screening costs
  • a missed appointment
  • costs for copies of your medical records
  • administration fees that are charged when you pay on credit or have an invoice sent to your home address.

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Reviewer: Hasse Knutsson, supervisor, department of health and welfare, Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting, Stockholm

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