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Cultural doula – support for those who are pregnant

Kulturdoula - engelskaThe content concerns Västerbotten

Those who are about to give birth can obtain help and support from a cultural doula. A cultural doula is a woman who speaks the same language and comes from the same culture as you. She herself has experienced giving birth and can provide you with information about what happens during pregnancy, childbirth and the first following days.

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The Swedish word for cultural doula is kulturdoula.

The cultural doula is not always trained in health care. But she can help you understand what the healthcare professionals are saying.

You have the right to meet either a cultural doula or an interpreter if you do not speak Swedish.

Who can have a cultural doula?

If you are pregnant and speak one of the following languages you can get in touch with a cultural doula: Ukrainian, Russian, Somali, Arabic, Tigrinya, Amharinja, Dari, Farsi, Badinani, Kurmanji, Sorani or Urdu.

Support obtained from a cultural doula is free of charge.

How do I get in touch with a cultural doula?

When you pay your first visit to the midwife you will receive full information about cultural doulas.

You and the midwife will discuss whether it would be suitable for you to receive support from a cultural doula. In that case, you will meet the cultural doula on your next visit to the midwife.

What kind of support can I get from the cultural doula?

The cultural doula can provide support for you during pregnancy, during the birth and the first days with your newborn baby.

She can explain how healthcare in Sweden works and help you understand what healthcare professionals are saying.

The doula might take part in various visits and examinations. For example:

  • Visits to the midwife during pregnancy.
  • Gynecological examinations or cervical screening test from the uterus.
  • During the birth.
  • Parenting support in groups.
  • Visits to the child-care center.

Cultural doulas are sworn to professional secrecy

The cultural doula is sworn to professional secrecy. This means she is not permitted to talk about you to anyone without your consent.

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