Your guide to healthcare in Östergötland

How to seek healthcare in Östergötland

Så söker du vård i Östergötland - engelskaThe content concerns Östergötland

Read about where you can get help when you need it in Region Östergötland.

1177 online –

At you can find information about illnesses, care and health. You can read about diseases, treatments, rules and rights. You can also find contact information to healthcare centres and clinics. All of the content on has been fact-checked by doctors and other healthcare professionals.

On this page you will find a selection of information about health and healthcare from that has been translated to several other languages.

Manage your healthcare contacts at

When you log in to you can manage appointments, renew prescriptions or read your medical records. You can also manage your child’s healthcare contacts through your own account.

Read more about 1177 online

1177 by phone

If you need healthcare advice you can phone 1177. The nurses at 1177 give advice and serve as a guide to the healthcare system. Open around the clock.

Read more about 1177 by phone

Our healthcare centres

Our healthcare centres provide advice by phone and schedule appointments if necessary. The healthcare centre is open during the day from Monday to Friday. You need to make an appointment before you come. If you need care in evenings and at weekends, our on-call centres are available to you. Call 1177 for advice and assessment to book an appointment at an on-call centre.

If the matter is very urgent, or if your or someone else’s life is in danger – call 112 or seek care at an accident and emergency department.

Anxiety and low mood

Contact a healthcare centre if you feel that your symptoms of anxiety and/or low mood are affecting your daily life, and you have been feeling this way for at least two weeks. If you have urgent mental health problems, you should contact the psychiatric emergency unit.

Read more about care for mental illness in Östergötland. This page is in Swedish.

Digital meetings for young adults

Anyone in the age from 13 to 25 can book a digital video appointment with a midwife, counselor and psychotherapist through the app Din vård Region Östergötland. Download the app and search for Digitala ungdomshälsan to book an appointment.

Urgent dental care

Contact a dental clinic if you experience severe toothache, have broken or knocked-out a tooth or have other urgent dental problems. At weekends, our on-call centres are available to you if you need urgent dental care.

Read more about urgent dental care and on-call centres in Östergötland. The page is in Swedish.

Search for a dental clinic near you. This page is in Swedish.

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