Gott om tider för vaccination mot covid-19 i Östergötland - drop in i Norrköping och Linköping

Det finns lediga tider på våra vaccinationscentraler, boka tid för dos 1 på


Drop in på vaccinationscentralerna för dos 1 för dig över 18 år 

  • Linköping: söndag 1 augusti klockan 17.30-19.30 och måndag 2 augusti klockan 17-19 
  • Norrköping: måndag 2 augusti klockan 13-15.30
  • Ta med legitimation! 
Your guide to healthcare in Östergötland

Evening and weekend on-call centres

Jourcentralen – andra språk - engelskaThe content concerns Östergötland

When you need care in evenings and at weekends, the on-call centres are available to you. They provide you help with illnesses and injuries that cannot wait until the healthcare centre opens. Always phone 1177 for advice and assessment before making an appointment at an on-call centre. It is easiest to make an appointment by logging into

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Your healthcare centre can also schedule an appointment at an on-call centre during the day, if your condition cannot wait and the healthcare centre is fully booked.

Examples of things you can get help with:

  • Difficult upper respiratory infection
  • Severe earache
  • Deep cut
  • Urinary tract infection with severe symptoms.
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