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Everyone who lives in Sweden has the right to get healthcare when they need it. If you are in Sweden on a temporary visit, you are always entitled to necessary care. In this article you can find information about where to turn when you or someone you know fall ill.

Healthcare Guide 1177

It is not always easy to judge by yourself how sick you are. On the website you can read about many diseases and symptoms and what you can do yourself to help you feel better and speed up your recovery.

If you need healthcare advice you can phone 1177. The nurses at Healthcare Guide 1177 give advice and serve as a guide to the healthcare system. Open around the clock. When you call 1177, you can speak Swedish or English.

Healthcare Centre

The healthcare centre (hälsocentralen) is usually the place to go first if you need medical attention. All healthcare centers are open daytime on weekdays.

At the healthcare center, you can get help if you have an illness or injury that requires immediate care but is not life-threatening.

Call the healthcare center for advice or to make an appointment. You can also log in to and contact the health center via the e-services. To log in, you need a Swedish personal number and an e-identification.

When the healthcare centre is closed, call 1177. A nurse will make an assessment, give you advice and refer you to an open care clinic if needed.

Healthcare centers in Västerbotten (in Swedish)

Emergency Care Medicine

If you are seriously ill or have been gravely injured, you can seek help at an emergency care clinic (akutmottagning). Patients in the greatest need of care are always treated first.

There is an emergency care clinic at every hospital in the county of Västerbotten. They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The alarm number 112

Call 112 if a person's life is in danger and you need help straight away.

Interpretation to other languages

If you have difficulty speaking or understanding Swedish, you are entitled to an interpreter when you see a doctor, dentist or other caregiver.

Tell the staff that you need an interpreter when you first make an appointment. The interpreter may be at the appointment in person or participate on a speaker phone or via video conference.

Interpretation to other languages

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