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You are free to choose your healthcare centre.

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Contact information for healthcare centres and cottage hospitals encompassed by Health Choice Västerbotten can be found at

How to choose a healthcare centre

You register at a healthcare centre in the county by logging in to with e-identification or by filling out a form.

Link to form for choosing a health care centre, English (pdf)

You are entitled to change your healthcare center twice a year. The healthcare centre may not deny residents registered in Sweden the right to register at the healthcare centre of their choice.

If, when you relocate within the county or have recently arrived, you do not choose a healthcare centre, you will automatically be registered based on the area where you are a registered resident. Newborn children are registered in the first instance at the same health centre as their legal guardian. For children below the age of 16, the legal guardian chooses their health centre.

Permanent healthcare contact

You are entitled to a permanent healthcare contact at your health centre. However, there is no guarantee that the doctor you see will be the doctor of your choice. If necessary, you may also submit a request for a permanent healthcare contact who is not a doctor.

Opening hours

All healthcare centres are open in the daytime on weekdays. You can call them directly for advice or to schedule an appointment. If you fall ill during the evening or weekend, it is important to first call 1177 to be directed to the appropriate care service. In some cases you will be referred to an on-call primary healthcare unit. In Umeå, these units are located at Ålidhem healthcare centre, and in Skellefteå and Lycksele it is located at the Accident & Emergency departments in those hospitals. In communities with cottage hospitals, primary healthcare service is provided in rotation. You can always call 1177 for advice.

Healthcare centres which may be chosen

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