Vaccinläget för covid-19 i Stockholms län vecka 9

1 mars: Denna vecka fortsätter vaccinationen av dem som har hemsjukvård eller hemtjänst med omsorgsinsatser och ASIH. Tänk på att aldrig legitimera dig med BankId eller lämna ut kontouppgifter, om du blir uppringd. Läs om när det blir din tur här.


Seeking healthcare if you are an asylum-seeker or without documents

Söka vård om du är asylsökande eller papperslös - engelska

Call 1177

Call 1177 if you or someone else gets ill and you need to talk to a nurse for advice. You can also get information about where to go for help.

The nurse who answers will talk in Swedish but often English is spoken too.

Healthcare centre or clinic (Vårdcentral or hälsocentral)

Contact a vårdcentral or hälsocentral if you or someone else gets ill or injured. The staff there can help you with most problems and that is usually the place to go to first.

It is best to phone them first. If you are given a time for an appointment, the clinic staff can book an interpreter if needed. The visit will cost maximum SEK 50 if you are an asylum-seeker or a person without documents. Visits are usually free for children and young people under 18.

Stockholms län

Emergency department

Go to the emergency department at the hospital if you or someone else becomes very ill, seriously injured or has serious mental problems and needs help immediately. The emergency department is open day and night, every day.

A visit to the emergency department costs between SEK 120 and 450.

The alarm number 112

Call 112 if a person’s life is in danger and you need help straight away.


You can get help from an interpreter if you do not speak Swedish. The healthcare staff will help you to book an interpreter. It is free of charge. If you need an interpreter, tell the healthcare staff at the same time as you make your appointment. You can use this language map to show them which language you need.

The interpreter will either be in the room with you or interpret over the telephone.

Professional secrecy

Healthcare staff and interpreters have a professional secrecy obligation. That means they are not allowed to talk to other people about things you say unless you give them permission to do so.

The information you give healthcare staff or interpreters will not affect your chances of staying in Sweden.

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