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Healthcare in Region Stockholm

Hitta rätt vård nära dig - engelskaThe content concerns Stockholms län

When you, or someone in your family, become ill, healthcare is always available near you. Närakuterna, for instance, deals with injuries and illnesses that previously required a visit to a hospital’s A&E department. But there are many different ways to get healthcare. Here, you can read more about what healthcare options are available and where to get help.

The care that you require will depend on how serious your injury or illness is. Sometimes, you may need healthcare and treatment for very serious injuries and illnesses. Sometimes, you can take care of yourself at home after getting self-care advice from a nurse. There are many different places that can provide you with healthcare. All clinics have trained specialists. 

If you do not know what kind of healthcare you require, please dial number 1177. If it is an emergency and you require immediate care, please dial 112.

Vårdcentralen is the healthcare clinic closest to you when you need to see a doctor or nurse. In Stockholm County, there are over 200 vårdcentraler with medical specialists in common illnesses.

You can go to the vårdcentral if you, for example, have:

  • a high fever
  • a urinary tract infection 
  • minor wounds
  • a skin rash or skin infection 

Open: In general Monday–Friday 8am–5pm (some are open in the evening). Find your closest vårdcentral here (Swedish)

Home visits by on-call doctors (Jourläkarbilar)

Jourläkarbilarna are available evenings, nights and weekends for those who require urgent care but have difficulty in getting to a clinic. Call 1177 to speak to a nurse, who may mediate whether you require a home visit from an on-call doctor. 

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