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When you or someone in your family become ill, healthcare is always available near you. Here, you can read more about which healthcare options are available and where to get help. If you do not know what kind of healthcare you require, please call 1177. If it is an emergency and you require immediate care, please call 112.

Find the right healthcare near you

The care that you require will depend on how serious your injury or illness is. Sometimes, you may need medical care or treatment for very serious injuries or illnesses. Sometimes, you can take care of yourself at home after getting self-care advice from a nurse. There are many different places that can provide you with healthcare. All clinics have trained specialists. 

Call number 1177 for free medical advice

You can call 1177 (+46 771-11 77 00 if you have a foreign number) and speak to a nurse, who will be able to give you advice about illnesses and health. Sometimes, the nurse will inform you about how you can treat your condition on your own. The nurse will also be able to help you find the right healthcare for you, if you need it. Read more (in Swedish).

When calling 1177, you only pay the usual call rate. The advice is free of charge. 

Healthcare clinics (Vårdcentralen)

You can visit the vårdcentralen healthcare clinic that is nearest to you when you need to see a doctor or nurse. In Stockholm County, there are over 200 vårdcentralen centres with general practitioners.

You can contact the vårdcentralen if, for example, you:

  • have a high fever
  • have a urinary tract infection 
  • have a minor wound, a skin rash or skin infection
  • have depression or a mental health problem
  • need crisis support
  • need vaccination against COVID-19.

Open: In general Monday–Friday 8am–5pm (some are open in the evening). Find your closest vårdcentralen here.


Närakuten is for injuries and illnesses that require immediate care. You can receive ambulance transport to närakuten, or you can make your own way. Here, you can receive care for many of the injuries and illnesses that would previously have been treated at a hospital’s A&E department. 

You can go to närakuten if, for example, you or your child: 

  • have stomach pain
  • have an acute allergic reaction
  • have severe wounds 
  • think you may have a concussion
  • think you may have broken your arm or leg 
  • think you may have a blood clot in your leg. 

Open: every day 8am–10pm

Find your nearest närakuten here: Närakuten in Stockholm County

Every närakuten has X-ray equipment, laboratories for the testing of samples, and specially trained staff who are able to care for children, adults and the elderly. 

Pregnancy care

Dental problems

If you have an acute dental issue or a dental accident and the dentist can not receive you, you can contact Folktandvården's emergency departmentTandakuten City or Distriktstandvården Drottninggatan.

Emergency departments at the hospital (akutmottagning)

At emergency departments the most seriously ill people are given priority. You may have to wait longer if your condition is less serious. Sometimes, you may be sent to another clinic if you can receive better care there. 

Always call 112 if you believe the condition to be life-threatening. 

Children's emergency room (barnakut) at the hospital

Barnakuten at hospitals are for children and young people aged 0–17 years, who have a serious illness and require immediate care. 

Children can go to barnakuten if they, for example, have:

  • breathing problems 
  • cramps            

Always call 1177 before you go to a barnakut.

Healthcare fees

Visitors from Nordic countries

If you live in Finland, Denmark, Norway or Iceland, you will need to present your ID document and provide your home address. You will pay the same fee for emergency and necessary care as a registered resident in Stockholm County:

Children 0-17 years: free of charge, except at barnakuten (children´s emergency department) where the fee is SEK 120.

Adults 18–84 years: Vårdcentralen (healthcare centre/GP) SEK 275. Närakuten (urgent care centre) SEK 375. Akutmottagning (emergency department) – SEK 400.

Adults 85+ years: free of charge

Visitors from countries within EU/EEA or Switzerland

With an EU card or certificate, you will pay the same patient fee for emergency and necessary care as residents registered in Stockholm County (see above).

Without an EU card, you must pay the full cost of the care yourself. A visit to an emergency department at a hospital costs between SEK 3,800 and 6000. An appointment with a doctor at a vårdcentralen (healthcare centre) or a visit to the närakuten (urgent care centre) costs SEK 2,093. In some cases, you will be able to receive compensation for these costs later on through the insurance fund in your home country.

Visitors from Algeria, Australia, Quebec or Israel

If you have a valid passport, you will pay the same fee for emergency care as residents registered in Stockholm County (see above).

Visitors from UK

The health insurance cards EHIC/UK, EHIC/GHIC or provisional certificates issued by the British authorities entitle you to receive necessary care in Sweden. You will pay the same fee for emergency care as residents registered in Stockholm County.

Visitors from other countries

If you are a visitor from a country outside the EU or from a non-convention country, you must pay the entire healthcare costs yourself in the event of emergency care. A convention country is a country with which Sweden has a cooperation agreement.

Refugee, seeking asylum or have no documents?

The following patient fees apply to you who are seeking asylum in Sweden, are undocumented or have fled Ukraine according to the Mass Refugee Directive:

  • A doctor's visit at a medical GP at a vårdcentral or närakut: Under 18 years: free. 18-84 years: 50 SEK. Over 85 years: free.
  • A visit to the emergency department: Under 18 years: 120 SEK. 18-84 years:  400 SEK. Over 85 years: free.
  • Care and treatment connection with Covid-19: free (including sampling).
  • Dental care: free up to and including the year you turn 18. After that it costs more than other medical care, ask the dentist before seeking care.

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