Child health care in Västra Götaland

Child health care in Västra Götaland

Om barnhälsovården i Västra Götaland - engelskaThe content concerns Västra Götaland

All children in Sweden are entitled to child health care and are welcome to visit the BVC. BVC is an abbreviation of the Swedish word for child health care centres and is a part of the health care centre. The child health care centre tracks the child’s well-being, growth, and development from birth to when they start school. When visiting the BVC, the child’s best interests always come first. As a parent, you will be given the opportunity to talk about your child and your role as a parent. Child health care includes both home visits and visits to BVC. The visits are customised to suit both the child’s and parents’ needs. All children are offered vaccinations. The visits are free of charge. You are entitled to an interpreter, should you require one.

All employees at the BVC are bound to professional confidentiality. This means that no one is allowed to disclose information about your child or you as a parent without your consent.

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