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Interpretation into my language

Tolkning till mitt språk - engelska

You can get help from an interpreter if you do not speak Swedish. The interpreter will help you by translating what is said when you visit healthcare or dental services. Let the clinic know you need an interpreter who speaks your language when you book your appointment.

Ett vårdbesök med tolk.
An interpreter works by translating between different languages.

You will not have to pay for assistance by an interpreter.

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What does an interpreter do?

An interpreter translates what the healthcare professional says, so that you can understand. The interpreter speaks both Swedish and your language.

The interpreter can translate any questions you may have. The interpreter will then translate the healthcare professional’s answers into your language.

An interpreter does not usually translate written text.

This is how an appointment with an interpreter might work

Here are some examples of how an interpreter may assist you during a meeting:

  • The interpreter is physically present at the meeting with the healthcare professional.
  • The interpreter participates in the meeting through a speakerphone.
  • You, the healthcare professional and the interpreter are in contact via a camera and computer. This is called video interpreting.

Ask the healthcare professional how interpretation will be set up when you book your appointment.

The interpreter is sworn to secrecy

An interpreter is sworn to secrecy. This means that the interpreter is not allowed to share any information about you without your permission.

Sometimes family or friends may want to help to interpret. This can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. In addition, they are not sworn to secrecy. It is therefore better to get help from a person who works as an interpreter.

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