The Sörmland health programme

Sörmlands hälsoprogram - engelskaThe content concerns Sörmland

Region Sörmland invites you who turn 40, 50 or 60 to participate in the Sörmland health programme. The purpose of the programme is to improve health and prevent cardiovascular diseases and type 2 Diabetes. Many of our common diseases are linked to our lifestyle, such as the tobacco use, level of physical activity and eating habits. Early identification of risk factors is important, because an improved lifestyle or early treatment can significantly reduce the risk of falling ill.

Approximately 80 percent of all cardiovascular diseases and 90 percent of type 2 Diabetes can be prevented through a healthy lifestyle. Research indicates that participating in health dialogues can improve health as well as prolong life.

The Sörmland Health programme is an important part in our goal to become Sweden’s healthiest county by 2025. By participating you gain a better understanding of your health and lifestyle. Even small changes can make big difference to your health. With every new healthy habit you adopt, your body will thank you!

Who can participate in the programme?

Citizens of Sörmland that turn 40, 50 or 60 receive an invitation from their health center. All health centres, both private and public, invite their registered patients.

This is included in the Sörmland health programme

You get an invitation sent by mail from the health center where you are currently registered. The programme includes two separate appointments to the health center.

Health questionnaire via the Healthcare Guide 1177 (1177 Vårdguiden)

The questionnaire includes questions on matters of importance to your health such as your life situation, sleep, stress, physical activity, diet, tobacco and alcohol. Complete your health questionnaire before your health consultation. You find the questionnaire here at 1177.se, and further instructions can be found below. You can use a computer as well as smartphone and tablet. If you do not have access to either device, you are can answer the questionnaire at your health center.

This is how you fill in the questionnaire

To access your personal account at 1177.se you need electronic ID (such as mobile BankID). You find the log in button on the upper right corner of this page.

You find the health questionnaire under ‘Övriga tjänster’ > ‘Alla övriga tjänster’. Click on Sörmlands hälsoprogram (= Sörmland health programme).

Sampling of lab tests

Lab tests will be sampled at your health center where we check blood glucose and blood lipids, blood pressure, length, weight och waist circumference. The lab tests form the basis for your health profile. During the visit you will also receive an invitation to your health consultation appointment.

Health consultation

During the health consultation you go through your health profile, including test results and answers from the questionnaire, with a nurse (or equivalent). Together you discuss the connection between your health and lifestyle. The health consultation improves your prerequisites for health and a healthy lifestyle. If necessary, you will be offered additional tests and follow-up. Please set aside approximately one hour for the health consultation.

What do we measure and why?

Length, weight and waist circumference. Length and weight determines BMI (body mass index) and along with your waist circumference you get an overview of your weight and fat distribution.

Blood lipids include cholesterol och triglycerides. Elevated levels of ”the bad” cholesterol can increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and is therefore of great importance to your health. The “good” cholesterol, on the other hand, protects your health. Your diet as well as level of physical activity affects your blood lipid levels.

Blood glucose is a test where elevated levels may indicate existing Diabetes or risk of developing Diabetes.

Blood pressure is to a great extent a result of your lifestyle, mainly level of physical activity. High blood pressure significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Through life style changes, such as increased level of physical activity, improved eating habits and tobacco cessation, light or moderately elevated levels can be improved.

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