Offer of free vaccination against HPV and self-test for HPV in Sörmland

Erbjudande om gratis vaccination mot HPV och självtest för HPV i Sörmland - engelskaThe content concerns Sörmland

HPV, human papilloma virus, is a very common virus. HPV can cause cancer in, for example, the cervix. If you are a woman born between 1994 and 1999, you are offered a free vaccine against HPV, human papilloma virus, and a self-test for HPV, which you perform yourself in connection with the vaccination.

If you do not have the legal gender of a woman, but you have a cervix, you are also offered the vaccination and you can book an appointment.

Book an appointment

Please choose the clinic where you want to get vaccinated and book an appointment via the links below. You can also call our booking telephone on 016-10 40 44 to get help booking an appointment.

You can get vaccinated here.

The offer also applies if you have already been vaccinated

The vaccine used is called Gardasil 9 and provides a broader protection than prior vaccines. Therefore, the offer also applies if you have already been vaccinated against HPV.

Take an HPV self-test

After the vaccination, you will receive an HPV test that you can easily self-administer. Afterwards you send the sample by mail. Information on how to do this will be provided together with the test.

You will be part of a research study

When you get vaccinated, you consent to be part of a national research study with the goal of eradicating cervical cancer in Sweden. You give consent to participate in the study on site at the time of vaccination. Please bring your ID with you for your vaccination appointment.

Read more about the research study on the website of the HPV Centre (the information is in Swedish).

After vaccination and sampling

Your sample result will be ready 3 to 4 weeks after you have taken the test. You log in with mobile BankID to see your sample result (information is in Swedish).

On the website hpvcenter.se you can read more about what your sample result means (information is in Swedish).

If your sample result is positive for HPV, you will receive an invitation to have a midwife take a cell sample.

You will be offered another dose of the vaccine after 3 years.

If you are pregnant or breast-feeding

If you are pregnant, you should not get vaccinated, as no HPV vaccine has been tested on pregnant women. If you are breast-feeding, you can get vaccinated. 

If you were born another year

Vaccinating those born between 1994 and 1999 is considered to have the greatest effect. In that age group, the spread of HPV is large. Also, fewer people are vaccinated.

Even if you were not born between 1994 and 1999, you can get vaccinated with the new vaccine Gardasil 9. You will have to pay for the vaccinations yourself.

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