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Students from other countries: How to seek medical care

Studenter från andra länder: Att söka vård - engelskaThe content concerns Västra Götaland

Emergency care

112 is an emergency number that applies throughout the whole of Sweden. Read more about 112.

You call 112 in the event of a serious accident, serious illness or if you require an ambulance. Emergency conditions include sudden a sharp chest pain, difficulty breathing, a head injury, a severe sudden headache, severe abdominal pain, cramp, broken bones, deep wounds, major bleeding, unconsciousness and sudden severe pain.

The 112 number is also used when the fire and rescue service or the police need to be on the scene rapidly.

Dental care

Folktandvården (the Public Dental Service) can be found throughout Sweden and Folktandvården in Västra Götaland is represented in all 49 municipal areas in the region.
The dental fees is depending which country you are from. More about rights and fees.
If you have any questions regarding when you can receive financial support for dental care, please contact Försäkringskassan.

On the website you will find articles about illnesses, examinations and treatments. Some of this information is available in other languages.
Healthcare Guide 1177 consists of information, inspiration and e-services for health and healthcare. 1177 is the number for joint services provided to the general public by the county councils and regions.

Medical advice by telephone

If you call 1177 you will come to the Medical Advice Line. You only pay for the cost of the call. The 1177 number applies throughout the whole country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call if you need to talk to a nurse

  • about your symptoms
  • if you require medical attention
  • to find out where you should go if you require medical attention
  • about how urgent your condition is.

The nurse can also provide self-care advice. If necessary, the nurse can call you back.

You can also call 1177 if you require emergency dental treatment and your dental clinic is closed.

Medical centre

The medical centre (Vårdcentral) is the mainstay of the Swedish health care system. At a medical centre you can be examined and receive treatment for the majority of illnesses and conditions.

If you need care or an examination at a hospital, the doctor can refer you
Medical centres are open weekdays, 8am – 5pm. If you need care when the medical centre is closed, you can contact an out-of-hours clinic.

According to a new law 2015-01-01, you can choose to be registered at any medical centre in Sweden.

Choosing a clinic

Find the Right Health Care service (Swedish)

Out-of-hours clinic

You can go to an out-of-hours clinic without making an appointment although ideally you should telephone first. You can go to an out-of-hours clinic when your medical centre is closed or if you have an acute illness or condition and you cannot wait until the next day. If necessary, you will be sent to the accident and emergency unit at a hospital. If you would like to know which accident and emergency unit you should go to, call 1177.

Contact details for out-of-hours clinics (jourcentral). In Swedish.

Hospitals in Västra Götaland

The health care in Västra Götaland is divided into four different geographical areas, with several hospitals in each area.

Websites of the hospitals in Västra Götaland:

Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Göteborg

NU-sjukvården, hospitals in these cities: Trollhättan and Uddevalla

SKAS, Skaraborg Hospital

Kungälv hospital

Angered hospital

SÄS, Southern Älvsborg Hospital

Alingsås lasarett (in Swedish)

Student health service in Västra Götaland

The Student Health Service is designed mainly to help in matters related to your study situation. It operates on a precautionary basis, which taking measures to prevent you from feeling bad or becoming ill in your study environment. 

Student Health Service, University of Gothenburg

Student Health Service, Chalmers

Student Health Service, University of Borås                    

Student Health Services, University West (Trollhättan)


If you would like hormonal contraceptives you can receive help from a midwife or doctor at a young persons' clinic, an antenatal clinic, a medical centre or a gynaecology clinic. 

Details of young persons' clinics in Västra Götaland (in Swedish).


When you seek medical care in Sweden you must be prepared to be examined by both women and men. You can ask to be examined specifically by a woman or a man but it could mean that would need to wait longer before you can be examined. In emergency situations, you must be prepared to accept the staff who are on duty on that particular occasion.

The work carried out by the medical staff is subject to very strict confidentiality rules.

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