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  • Health dialogue in Skåne

    Hälsosamtal i Skåne - engelska

    Schedule a health dialogue at your health care centre. You can get advice on what you can do to remain in good health.

  • Test yourself for the HPV virus in Skåne

    Testa dig för viruset HPV i Skåne - andra språk - engelska

    Are you a woman and between 23 and 70 years old? Then you will regularly receive a test for the HPV virus. You can take the test yourself at home. The test shows if you have the virus HPV which can cause the disease cancer.

  • Get tested regularly for prostate cancer in Skåne

    Regelbunden testning för prostatacancer i Skåne - andra språk - engelska

    Are you a man between the age of 50 and 74? Then you will receive an offer be offered to be tested for prostate cancer.

  • Aorta Screening in Skåne

    Undersökning av stora kroppspulsådern i Skåne - andra språk - engelska

    In Skåne, we call men turning 65 for an aorta screening. The examination we do will show whether you have an aneurysm in your aorta. An aneurysm may be dangerous, and can lead to the aorta rupturing. By performing this examination, we can discover any aneurysm, as early as possible.

  • PSA test for the prostate

    Blodprov: PSA - engelska

    The PSA test is a blood test that can show whether there are any changes in your prostate. Some changes are harmless, while others could lead to prostate cancer. A doctor can use a PSA test to find out whether you need additional examinations or treatments.

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