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  • Examinations of your newborn baby

    A newborn baby is examined in a number of different ways during its first few days of life. Most of the examinations are done in hospital before you go home. You may need to come back for examinations if you have gone home early.

  • Breastfeeding

    Breastfeeding gives your baby food, closeness and security. But it can take time to get breastfeeding to work smoothly. Help is available.

  • Common breastfeeding problems

    It is common to experience breast discomfort when you first start breastfeeding. This will often pass after a while. Sometimes treatment is needed.

  • Infant formula and follow-on formula

    Babies who do not receive breast milk need to be given infant formula. This is made to resemble breast milk. When the baby starts to eat regular food, they can be given what is known as follow-on formula instead.

  • How to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

    Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) is when a baby stops breathing and dies, usually during sleep. It is very rare. The best way to reduce the risk is for the baby to sleep on their back.

  • Vaccination programme for children

    All children in Sweden are offered vaccination against 12 diseases. This is done to protect the child from becoming seriously ill. These vaccinations are offered free of charge.

  • Children's health centre (Barnavårdscentralen, BVC)

    A children's health centre is a clinic for children up to the age of six. At this clinic, staff check the health and development of the child. You can ask questions about everything related to children and parenting.

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