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Cigarettes and snus contain nicotine. Nicotine is a poison, and it is very easy to become addicted to things that contain nicotine.

Nicotine affects the brain so that
you crave a cigarette or snus.
Smoking significantly increases the risk of certain diseases.
These diseases are cancer, asthma, pneumonia,
the lung disease COPD, pulmonary emphysema
and cardiovascular disease.
Smoking also greatly increases your
risk of rheumatoid arthritis, type 2 diabetes and osteoporosis.
The best thing you can do for your body
and health is not to smoke or use snus.
If you are not able to stop smoking or using snus,
you may be able to cut back on smoking or snus.
If you are scheduled for surgery,
do not smoke or use snus four weeks before and four weeks after the surgery.
Never smoke or use snus if you are
pregnant or breastfeeding.

How you can get help to stop smoking or using snus:

You can get support from someone who will help you quit
smoking or using snus.
The person is called a tobacco cessation counsellor.
Tobacco cessation counsellors work, for example,
on the Swedish Tobacco Quitline.
You can contact the quit line in a number of ways.
You can contact them by phone at 020- 84 00 00.
You can go to the website (choose “other
languages” at the top).
The help you get from the Swedish Tobacco Quitline does
not cost you anything.

You can also contact your local healthcare centre
if you want help to quit smoking or using snus.
Tobacco cessation counsellors also work at the health
Tobacco cessation counsellors are also available at the
youth clinic and at Folktandvården, the Swedish Public Dental
Care service.
Youth clinics are clinics for those between 13 and 25 years
of age.

There is an online treatment that you can do on your mobile
The treatment is called Tobakshjälpen (Tobacco help) and is
available in Swedish.
Contact Tobakshjälpen by sending an SMS with the word
FRI to the telephone number 070-195 89 19.

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