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What is stress?

Your body can experience stress when you are
mentally or physically strained.
For example, when you run fast, get angry
or have too much to do.
If you are stressed for a short time,
stress is not harmful to your body.
You can get sick if you are stressed for a long time and
do not sleep well, get enough rest and
do the things that make you feel healthy.
If this happens, you can contact
your health care providers for help.

Things that increase stress:

People can get stressed by different things.
Many people get stressed when they have a lot of
things to do at work or at home.
People can get stressed if they place high demands
on themselves or if other people place
a lot of demands on them.

Tips to manage your stress:

  • Take breaks between different activities.
  • Try to get a feel for what is causing your stress.
    Think about whether your body is doing something
    that could be a sign that you are stressed.
    Signs that you are stressed can be
    difficulty relaxing, heart palpitations
    or memory problems.
  • Get physical activity every day.
  • The has mindfulness exercises
    that you can do by yourself.
    Mindfulness means doing exercises where you practice
    being in the present and not thinking about things that
    have happened in the past
    or that will happen in the future.
    If you need help to reduce your stress,

you can get help from your local health care centre.
For example, there are treatments
you can do online using a computer, tablet or
mobile phone (in Swedish).
The digital treatments are called
Stresshjälpen (Stress Help) and (Life Balance).

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