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Participate in an activity

Gör en aktivitet - engelskaThe content concerns Östergötland

When you are active and involved, it can make you happier and you will find it easier to handle things in life that are difficult. It can also make it easier when you feel worried or sad.

Here are some ways you can be active and involved:

  • Go for a walk or do a group workout.
  • Dance or sing in a choir.
  • Talk to someone.
  • Draw or do a puzzle.
  • Read a book or do a crossword puzzle.
  • Do yoga, meditate or
    attend a church service.

Participate in activities with other people

It is good to get together with other people and do things together.
For example, a lot of people feel good about being part of a group or an association where everyone has the same interest.
People who get to know each other and do activities together can also help each other out with other things in life.
For example, they can be a source of support when a person is feeling down.

Tips on activities to do with others:

  • Get together with friends and family if you can.
  • Read books and then talk
    about the book in a book group.
  • Participate in activities with other people near your home.
  • Join an association.

Do something that is important to you

When you do things that you think are important and enjoyable, it can help you feel that your life is more meaningful
and important.
When you manage to do something that is difficult for you,
you often feel a sense of satisfaction afterwards.
If you help other people, you can increase your own happiness as well as other people’s happiness.

Tips on activities that can be meaningful to you and
other people:

  • Take a course and learn
    something new.
  • Help out a neighbour or work on something that helps other people.
  • Do any activity that is difficult for you but that you can still
    manage to do.
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