Your guide to good health

Choose foods that make you healthy

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What you eat, how much you eat and how often you eat affects how you feel. Here you can get some tips on foods that can help you feel healthy.

These are tips that are good for most adults to follow.
If you have a certain illness,
you may need to follow other advice.
If you change even one of
your unhealthy eating habits,
it can make a big difference in
how you feel.

Tips on eating habits that help you feel healthy:

  • Eat at least half a kilo of fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Eat fish or seafood two or three times a week
  • Eat foods that contain whole grains.
  • Choose oil instead of butter.
  • Do not eat more than half a kilo of red meat each week.
  • Avoid foods that are high in salt and sugar.
  • Eat at about the same times each day.
  • Choose foods that are labelled with a picture of a keyhole on the packaging.

The keyhole means that the food contains
less sugar and salt, more whole grains
and fibre and less fat, or healthier fats.

If you create good habits
with what you eat and how you eat,
you can help prevent certain illnesses.
These include cardiovascular disease
(disease of the heart and blood vessels),
type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.
If you create good habits with what you eat
and how you eat, it can help you avoid
becoming overweight.

  • Contact your local health care centre.
  • Go to the website for more healthy eating tips.
    Type in to go directly to the right
    page on the website.
    The page is in Swedish (not easy-to-read Swedish).
  • The website also has a page called
    Matvanekollen (eating habits checklist in Swedish).
    At Matvanekollen, you can check to see if what you are
    eating is good for your health.
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