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Alkohol - engelskaThe content concerns Östergötland

Alcohol is never good for your body. This is true even if you drink only a little alcohol.

Never drink alcohol if you are pregnant.
If you are scheduled for surgery, you should not drink alcohol
for four weeks before surgery.
You should also avoid alcohol for
four weeks after the surgery.
You should not drink alcohol if you have liver disease,
have a close relative who is
addicted to alcohol or
if you have been addicted to alcohol or other drugs.

Alcohol affects your body in a number of ways.

Even if you drink only a little alcohol,
you will have poor judgement, poorer memory
and you will react more slowly.
Alcohol can make people more likely to get depression, cancer and infections.

It can also make you more likely to have an
accident and to get in arguments with other people.

How you can get help to change your drinking habits:

  • On ,you can read about what you can do on your own to
    change your alcohol habits.
  • Go to the website (in Swedish).
  • Call the Swedish National Alcohol Helpline at 020 - 84 44 48
  • Contact your local healthcare centre.
  • Contact an addiction resource centre.
  • Contact the social services in the municipality where you live.
  • Contact an organisation that works with alcohol.
    For example, Al-anon and Alateen
    or Alcoholics Anonymous.
  • Contact the occupational health service where you work.
    The occupational health service is care
    that you receive through the company you work for.
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