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The Pain Rehabilitation Team

Smärtrehabiliteringsteam - engelskaThe content concerns Gävleborg

Long-term pain and impaired function are the single largest causes of prolonged sick leave. Primarily, it might lead to consequences for the individual, their family and/or the workplace. In a wider perspective it might also have a negative impact on other sectors of the community, as well as financial implications on society in general.

Long-term pain can affect the entire life of an individual. Thus, the pain rehabilitation is based on a behavioral medicine perspective with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as a way to achieve behavioral change. The Pain Rehabilitation Team in Sandviken is part of Region Gävleborg (Gävleborg County Council).

Region Gävleborg's Pain Rehabilitation Team is also part of the Medical Rehabilitation Clinic, located at the local hospital in Sandviken. The team consists of a occupational therapist, a PE teacher, an almoner, a psychologist, a physician, a physiotherapist, a rehabilitation coordinator and a nurse. The aim of the rehabilitation is to improve the patients' life quality and facilitate engagement in family life, work and society.

An individual rehabilitation plan is developed together with the patient and, sometimes, his or her closest relatives. The patient and their closest relatives are important parts of the rehabilitation team.

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