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Healthcare for tourists to Skåne

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Even if you are only visiting temporarily, you could fall ill suddenly or have an accident. So what happens if you come from another part of Sweden, or another country, and need to receive healthcare in Skåne?

Skåne is the most visited destination in Sweden, and – particularly in the summer – many visitors come here. If you fall ill suddenly or have an accident, you are entitled to receive essential healthcare in Skåne. If you are registered as a resident in Sweden you will pay normal patient fees, but if you are from another country this may cost more.

Find your way – straight away

You can call the telephonenumber 1177 at any time of the day or night for healthcare advice and help with where to go for healthcare. Here at, you can also find healthcare centres and see which centres are open in the evening and at weekends.

Visitors from elsewhere in Sweden

If you are registered as a resident in Sweden, you are entitled to receive healthcare on the same terms as inhabitants of Region Skåne in the event of:

  • childbirth
  • emergency illness or injury
  • primary healthcare (healthcare centres)

You will only pay normal patient fees – your home county council (landsting) will pay the rest.

However, if you require planned specialist healthcare, the rules are different. In certain cases, you will need a referral or a payment commitment from your home county council. This means that your county council will pay Region Skåne for the healthcare you have received here.

Healthcare for foreign citizens

Even if you come from another country and fall ill during a temporary visit to Sweden, you are always entitled to receive essential healthcare. You may need emergency healthcare, or healthcare that cannot wait until you return home. For example, you might break a leg and need to have it set in plaster, or you might require dialysis treatment.

The cost of this healthcare will depend on which country you come from. Some visitors can receive healthcare at the same cost as those who live in Sweden. However, if you come from a non-EU country, you will often have to pay the entire actual cost of the healthcare received.

Find out more about the cost of healthcare if you come from the Nordic region, an EU/EEA country or other countries.

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