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Faulty copper IUD's in Skåne

Trasiga kopparspiraler i Skåne - engelskaThe content concerns Skåne

A copper IUD is a contraceptive that prevents pregnancy. A number of people in Skåne received copper IUD's that turned out to have a defect. This occurred between January 2015 and the summer of 2018. Did you receive a copper IUD during this period and feel concerned? In that case, call your midwife.

The defective copper IUD is called Novaplus T380. Almost six thousand people in Skåne received this particular copper IUD. Every tenth copper IUD has broken, often when being removed from the womb. Region Skåne stopped using this type of copper IUD as soon as it was discovered that they were faulty.

No one was hurt by the faulty copper IUDs. However, some did become pregnant. It is unknown whether this was by chance or if it was due to the faulty copper IUD. Normally, very few people using copper IUDs become pregnant. Even so, there are no contraceptives that offer a 100% protection against pregnancy.

Call your midwife if you are concerned

Did you receive a copper IUD between January 2015 and the summer of 2018? Call your midwife if you are feeling concerned. Under normal circumstances, you will be called for an examination within two weeks. The midwife will be able to tell you which copper IUD you have received.

When can the copper IUD break?

The copper IUD can break at any given time. However, many of the copper IUDs function until removed by a midwife. That is when most of them break. That is why you can choose to keep the copper IUD, provided it has not broken and does not bother you. However, you can choose to switch to a different copper IUD if you would like.

How do I notice if the copper IUD breaks?

If the copper IUD breaks, pieces of it may come out when you are on your period. In that case, call your midwife. You will be asked to come in for an examination, during which the midwife will switch your copper IUD for a new one. Switching copper IUDs is free of charge.

Pieces of the copper IUD may remain in the womb and not come out by themselves. In that case, the midwife will set up an appointment for an X-ray examination. If there are any pieces left, these will be removed.

You may be entitled to financial compensation

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