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Health care choices

Hälsoval och vårdval - andra språk - engelskaThe content concerns Skåne

In Skåne, there are several different choices of health care services available, which means that you can choose the care provider or clinic you wish to attend.

In the case of a health care centre, children's health care centre (BVC), antenatal clinic or children's and young person's dental clinic, you register with the centre you wish to attend and then remain with this until you make a new choice.

In the case of shorter treatments, you first receive a diagnosis from a doctor or optician (for cataracts). You can then choose where you wish to go for treatment.

Health care centres where you can register:

  • Health care centre
  • BVC
  • Antenatal clinic (if pregnant)
  • Children's and young person's dental clinic age 0-23

Health care treatment where you can choose after referral:

  • Cataract operation
  • CBT and IPT treatment

Health care treatment where you can choose and make contact without a referral:

  • Audiology clinic
  • Antenatal clinic

How to make your choice

The easiest way to register with a health care centre or children's health care centre is through the My Health Care Contacts e-service here at You can also make your choice by filling in a form, signing it and sending it to the health care centre of your choice. You can find the forms at the bottom of this page.

You can choose:

  • a clinic for a cataract operation by advising your choice to your optician or doctor, who will make the referral
  • an audiology clinic by contacting it yourself
  • CBT and IPT after receiving a referral from a doctor at your health care centre.
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