Information to patients undergoing surgery or examination as a day surgery case at the Växjö Surgery Unit

Inför din dagkirurgiska operation i Växjö - Kronoberg - engelskaThe content concerns Kronoberg

Please complete your health declaration as soon as possible by logging into 1177.se or returning the enclosed health declaration. Please use the return envelope provided.
The information will be used to decide what kind of anaesthetic you will be given during your operation/examination.

Operation time

This is shown on your appointment notice.

Eating and drinking

  • It is fine to eat an extra meal late in the evening before your planned operation.
  • You must not eat any solid food, drink juice, milk or any other non-clear drinks, nor smoke, take snuff or chew gum after midnight the night before your operation.
  • However, you should drink mixed juice, water, coffee or tea without milk (for diabetics, this means unsweetened drinks) up to two hours before the time you have been asked to attend.

Preventing pain

Two hours before the time you have been asked to attend, you should take pain relief tablets containing paracetamol (Alvedon® or Panodil®). Take four 500 mg tablets. If you weigh less than 50 kg, take only 1 gram (= two tablets).

Remember also to have pain relief tablets at home for after the operation. If you need any other medication, this will be arranged at the hospital.


If you have been told to buy chlorhexidine soap at the pharmacy, this means that you need to shower and wash your hair on the evening before your operation and again on the day of your operation (please see accompanying information).

 Otherwise, it is sufficient to take a normal shower and wash your hair on the day of the operation.

  • If you require help, contact a relative or home help in good time.
  • Please wear loose-fitting clothing.
  • Do not use make-up, nail varnish, lotions, perfume, aftershave, conditioner or contact lenses.
  • Please leave jewellery and piercings at home.
  • Please note that, for surgery to the hands/fingers, any false nails, nail extensions and gel nails must be removed before the operation! For other surgery, there is no problem if you have some form of ‘artificial nails’.
  • Go in through the main entrance
  • Report to reception in the entrance hall
  • Follow the signs for Hall F
  • Walk past the cafeteria and hairdresser
  • Turn left towards Hall F
  • Take the lift or stairs up to Level 4
  • Take a seat in the waiting room outside the Surgery Unit

Please bring a valid ID with you. The cost of the visit is SEK 350. Payment can be made by debit card or invoice.

After the operation/examination

After the procedure, you will be monitored at the Day Surgery Unit. The length of time will depend on the nature of the procedure and the type of anaesthetic given. We offer light refreshments. Before going home, you will be given information by the nurse in charge of your care. Do not plan anything else on this day.

Your journey home

As someone who has just had surgery, you must not ride a bicycle or drive a car for the first 24 hours as you may be affected by the medicines you were given in connection with your operation. Ideally, you will be collected by a relative or someone close to you. We will arrange transport home if your condition so requires.

We recommend that you should not be alone during the evening or night following your operation. This is because the effects of pain relief and fasting, as well as any residual effects of anaesthesia/sedation, may noticeably impair your cognitive function and balance.

If in doubt, ask the staff at the Day Surgery Unit for advice.


In the event of having to cancel in an emergency, call 0470-58 83 61.

If you need to cancel earlier, see the telephone number on your appointment notice.

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