About intellectual disability

Intellektuell funktionsnedsättning - andra språk - lättläst för ungdom - sydöstra sjukvårdsregionen - engelskaThe content concerns Kalmar län

Intellectual disability is often called ID.

ID is a diagnosis. A diagnosis is a name for
a difficulty that a person has.

In many cases, we cannot explain why a
person has ID.

ID is for life.

With the right support, you can do a lot

As a person with ID, you may need more time
and more help to learn.

You may need to practice more to do new things.
Everyone needs different amounts of support and help.

You may need help with some things in everyday life
It may be difficult to be on time, or to find your way
to a new place.

It can be hard to know how much you can buy
with your money.

You may need help understanding
information and filling out forms.

What happens when you are an adult?

Many people still need help when they
are adults, and others can do a lot without help.

Many people will have a special guardian when they turn 18.
A special guardian is a person who helps
you with the things that are difficult.

Many go to daily activities or have a job.

At the habilitation

You and your parents can visit habilitation to
learn more about ID.

At habilitation, you can talk to someone about
how you feel, if there is anything you need help
with or if you have any questions.

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