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How to seek medical care

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Healthcare Guide 1177 – healthcare advice twenty four hours a day

At you can find information about what you yourself can do in order to feel better and recover more quickly. Here you can also find all the necessary contact information pertaining to healthcare.

When you phone 1177 you will receive advice from a nurse about what you yourself can do and where you should turn if you need care. The number works all over the country – twenty four hours a day every day of the year.

The healthcare centre – your first choice in the case of an injury or illness

Contact a healthcare centre! There you will receive help if you have injured yourself or if you are not feeling well. The staff at the healthcare centre has experience and knowledge when it comes to most injuries and illnesses.

If it is necessary you will be sent to the hospital. When the healthcare centre is closed you can seek medical care at the county’s two evening and weekend on-call centres by dialing 1177.

112 and the emergency room – care in serious and life-threatening situations

At the emergency room you will receive help if you become seriously ill or seriously injured in an accident. Patients with the most urgent need of medical care will always be tended to first. In Blekinge there is an emergency room at Blekinge Hospital in Karlskrona. It is open twenty four hours a day.

The emergency number 112 is available if you or someone nearby is in need of immediate emergency care.

Free of charge

If you are an adult refugee from Ukraine and need to seek emergency medical care before applying for asylum, it is free. Once you have applied for asylum, the same patient fees apply as for other asylum seekers. Children are always entitled to free medical care.

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