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  • HPV self-sampling in Region Västmanland

    Självprovtagning för HPV i Västmanland - engelska

    If you are 30 years old or older and it is time for your cervical screening (also known as smear test or Pap test), you will have a self-sampling kit sent home to you. Then you can take a sample yourself at home instead of seeing a midwife. This gives just as accurate results. If you prefer to have a midwife take your sample, you must contact your midwifery clinic to make an appointment.

  • PSA test for the prostate

    Blodprov: PSA - engelska

    The PSA test is a blood test that can show whether there are any changes in your prostate. Some changes are harmless, while others could lead to prostate cancer. A doctor can use a PSA test to find out whether you need additional examinations or treatments.

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