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How dental care works in Sweden

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Dental care is often more expensive than other care. Compare dental care costs before choosing a dentist or dental hygienist. The amount you need to pay depends on factors such as your age and what treatments you need.

In Sweden, you pay a large part of the dental care costs yourself. So, always ask your dentist or dental hygienist how much an examination or treatment will cost. You have the right to know this before the services are provided.

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How do I seek dental care?

If you need help with your teeth, seek treatment at a dental clinic, which is staffed by dentists, dental hygienists and dental nurses. They can examine, treat and prevent problems with your teeth and gums. You can choose which clinic you want to visit.

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Free for children and young people

Children and young people can receive dental care free of charge. This applies until 31 December of the year of their 23rd birthday. Almost all examinations and treatments are covered.

Financial support for dental care

You will need to pay for dental care from the year of your 24th birthday.

You receive an allowance for dental care each year. The amount you receive depends on your age. This is called the general dental care allowance. When it is time to pay, let your dental clinic know that you want the allowance applied.

Special allowance if you have a disease

If you have a disease that affects your teeth, you can receive a special allowance for dental care. A dentist or dental hygienist will decide whether you are eligible for the special dental care allowance. You may need a doctor’s certificate stating what disease you have.

Limit for how much you have to pay

There is a limit for how much you have to pay for dental care over a twelve-month period. This is called high-cost protection for dental care.

Sometimes dental care is paid like medical care

There are some cases where you pay the same price for dental care as you would for medical care. One example of this is if you have a disease and need dental care as part of the treatment.

Such dental care is free of charge for people aged 85 and older.

Fixed price in some clinics

Some dental clinics offer an agreement that acts like insurance. This means that you pay the same amount every month. You pay this amount even when you do not visit the dentist that particular month. When you later need treatment, like getting a filling in a tooth, it is already paid for.

You can ask for help if you cannot afford dental treatment. Ask the dental clinic if they would split the bill into several invoices. You could also talk to your bank or contact Social Services in your municipality.

Interpretation into your language

You can get help from an interpreter if you do not speak Swedish. Let the clinic know you need an interpreter when you book your appointment. There may sometimes be a charge for interpreter services.

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