Exercise and physical activity after pregnancy

Att träna och röra på sig efter förlossningen - engelska

Being pregnant and having a baby affects your body. After giving birth, your body needs to heal. Once your body has healed, it is a good idea to exercise. This video shows five exercises you can do.

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The exercises are suitable whether you have given birth vaginally or by Caesarean section. 

Exercise after childbirth

After giving birth, your body needs to heal

As soon as the baby has come out of your womb, your body will start to recover and heal.  
Your pelvic area needs to heal if you have given birth vaginally. Your stomach area needs to heal if you had a Caesarean section. 
Healing usually takes 6–8 weeks. But it can take up to a year for your body to fully recover. During this time, exercise and physical activity can be helpful. 

Take it easy at first

The first few days after giving birth, it is a good idea to move around a bit. For example, you can change position and alternate between sitting, standing and walking. 
After a few days, you can start to move around a bit more. You may be able to take walks.  
You can also exercise the muscles in your pelvic floor. You can start right after giving birth. Squeeze and tense your muscles. Start off lightly. After about three to four weeks, you can intensify the activity. Only tense your muscles for short periods and relax them in between. 

Time to start exercising

After 6–8 weeks, you can start to exercise.  

If you are a beginner, start without weights and use only your own body weight. As you feel ready and able, you can add weights and then increase the weight of these.  
The video shows five exercises you can do several times a week.  
The video covers the following exercises: 

  • Squat with chair. 
  • Pressing your arms against the wall. 
  • Supine pelvic lift. 
  • Supine knee raise. 
  • Side hip raise.

These exercises are suitable whether you are physically fit or not. Choose the exercises that suit you. 

Why it is good to exercise

There are many reasons why it is good to exercise after pregnancy and childbirth. 
Here are some examples of things that may improve if you exercise: 

  • You may recover faster after giving birth. 
  • You may feel more energetic.  
  • You may sleep better. 
  • You may have less stomach discomfort.  
  • You may have less anxiety and depression. 
  • You may have less back pain.  
  • Your body may feel stronger, enabling you to do more. 

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