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General Patient Information

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As a patient, you are to receive good care of a high quality, and you are to be treated with respect by care staff. You are to be given clear information about your health and care. You are also to be given the option of choosing the care you need. Please ask if there is anything you’re wondering about your rights, or the treatment you receive. Here are some things that may be good to know ahead of your appointment.


If you need an interpreter, please tell care staff well ahead of your appointment. Tell them which language it concerns. You can also get a speech-to-text interpreter, or a sign language interpreter if you need it.

Identity Document

Please bring a valid photo identity document to your appointment. If you are an asylum-seeker, please bring your LMA card. If a friend, family member or person accompanying you needs to confirm your identity, they must also bring a photo identity document.


You can get a reminder of your appointment via text message on your phone. Please provide your mobile phone number when in contact with health care providers.

Checking In

You can check in and pay for your appointment using your mobile phone. You can also check in for appointments that are free of charge. Follow the text message link that is sent ahead of your appointment. If you don’t receive a text message, you can check in through an internet browser via:

Care Travel

You can be given a travel grant for travelling by bus, train, or in your own car between your registered address and the hospital or health centre in your municipality. If there are medical reasons, or if there is no public transport whatsoever, you may travel by taxi. The trip is to be booked no later than two days before the appointment by calling the ordering centre on 020-96 00 96.


Everyone in health care has a duty to maintain confidentiality. We are not allowed to provide details about you to people other than those caring for you.


We document information about your care in your medical records. Only staff who participate in your care, or who need the information for their work in care, are allowed to read the medical records. There may also be details about you in systems required for care administration.


Most samples that are taken in health care are thrown away once the sample has been analysed. The main reason why some samples are kept is to ensure that your care and treatment are safer. You are to be given information about how the sample may be used if it is kept. You decide whether the sample may be kept.

Quality Register

You are to be informed if your details are sent to a national quality register. You are also to be given information about the register itself. You have a right to decline your details being sent, and you have a right to have your information removed from the register, if information has been sent previously.


You can provide views or complain if you have experienced something in health care that you aren’t happy with. You can do this as a patient or as a friend or family member. Your views can contribute to making health care better and safer.

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