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  • Common discomforts during pregnancy

    Vanliga besvär under en graviditet - engelska

    When you are pregnant, your body is affected in different ways. This may give rise to different discomforts, which will usually disappear after you give birth.

  • Abortion

    Abort - engelska

    An abortion is when a person chooses to end their pregnancy. It is the pregnant person's decision whether they want to have an abortion. This is called the right to choose abortion.

  • Nausea during pregnancy

    Att må illa under graviditeten - engelska

    It is common to feel nauseous and vomit when you are pregnant. Many people call this morning sickness. Although unpleasant, it is not harmful to you or your baby. There are some things you can do to feel better.

  • Pain in your pelvic area during pregnancy

    Att ha ont i bäckenet under graviditeten - engelska

    When you are pregnant, the joints in your body become more flexible. You may experience pain in your pelvic area. This is common and usually goes away after childbirth.

  • Snacks, fruit and vegetables and gestational diabetes

    Mellanmål, frukt och grönsaker vid graviditetsdiabetes - engelska

    Eating regularly helps you to keep your blood sugar level stable and to avoid cravings for sweet treats. The point of a snack is not to feel full but to avoid hunger pangs before your next meal. Three main meals and one or two snacks is a good eating plan if you have gestational diabetes.

  • Pre-eclampsia

    Havandeskapsförgiftning - engelska

    Pre-eclampsia is a condition you can get when you are pregnant. It is characterised by high blood pressure. It can affect both you and your baby. You may require rest and medicine to lower your blood pressure.

  • Braxton Hicks contractions and labour contractions

    Sammandragningar och värkar - engelska

    The uterus is a muscle. Sometimes during pregnancy, the uterus will tighten and then relax. These are called Braxton Hicks contractions, or false labour. The uterus also tightens and relaxes when it is time to give birth. These contractions are called labour.

  • Alcohol and pregnancy

    Alkohol och graviditet - engelska

    Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant. Alcohol contains substances that could harm the baby in the womb. If you find it difficult to stop drinking alcohol, you can get help.

  • Tobacco and pregnancy

    Tobak och graviditet - engelska

    It is harmful to use tobacco when you are pregnant. The harmful substances found in tobacco will travel to the baby in your womb. You should therefore avoid using tobacco when you are pregnant. If you find it difficult to stop, you can get help. Tobacco is found in products such as cigarettes.

  • Visiting the midwifery clinic (barnmorske-mottagningen)

    Besök på barnmorskemottagningen - engelska

    When you are pregnant, you may visit a midwifery clinic. These visits are to see how you and the baby in your womb are doing. You will be given advice and help to prepare for the birth of your child. The visits are free of charge.

  • Pregnant or recently given birth? Make your voice heard

    Gravid eller nyss fött barn? Gör din röst hörd - engelska

    If you are pregnant or have recently given birth, you now have the chance to participate in Graviditetsenkäten (the Pregnancy Survey). You will be asked questions about how you felt about the care you received during your pregnancy, after giving birth, and one year after giving birth. The survey also includes questions about your health. Each pregnancy and childbirth experience is unique, so your participation is important to us. Your feedback will help us improve the care.

  • The stages of labour

    Förlossningens olika faser - engelska

    What happens when a child is being born? A birth is divided into different stages: the latent and active phases which transition into the actual birth, followed by the placenta delivery. In this text, you can read more about the different phases and about what happens in the body.

  • Pain during childbirth

    Smärta under förlossningen - engelska

    Giving birth is painful. The experience of that pain differs between individuals. The body is made to handle pain, but there are different methods that can help you with pain relief if you need it.

  • Healthy food when you are pregnant

    Bra mat när du är gravid - engelska

    When you are pregnant, the body needs extra nutrition, vitamins and minerals. You can eat most things, and it is good to keep a varied diet. Food that contains a lot of nutrients include wholegrain products, greens, root vegetables, beans, oily fish, eggs, dairy, fruit, seeds and nuts. You may need to take folic acid and iron supplements.

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