Information for those who have a confirmed covid-19 infection

Information till dig med bekräftad covid-19 - engelskaThe content concerns Västmanland

If your test result shows that you have an ongoing infection caused by Covid-19, it is important for you to stay home in order not to infect others. You must also follow the Communicable Diseases Act (smittskyddslagen). What you should do is explained here.

For how long will I be contagious?

You will be contagious for at least 7 days from the day when your symptoms began. If 7 days have passed since you fell ill and you have not had a fever for 48 hours and you feel better in general, you are no longer considered to be contagious. This applies even if you still have certain symptoms 7 days after you fell ill, such as a dry cough or an impaired sense of taste and smell.

If you have been treated at a hospital for Covid-19, or if you are a resident at an old people’s home, your doctor will let you know for how long it is believed that you will be contagious. If you are unsure whether you are contagious, you may call the Contact Tracing Team (smittspårningsteam) of Region Västmanland at 021-173336 for advice.

While you are contagious, you must comply with the following points:

  • Do not go to work or school.
  • Avoid seeing people other than those you live with. Try to keep a distance (at least 1 metre, preferably 2 metres) from those you live with. However, this does not apply to children you have parental responsibility for – children’s need for intimacy is more important than the need to keep a distance.
    • Be in a room of your own.
    • Do not eat with others.
    • If possible, do not share a bathroom with others.
  • Follow specific hygiene procedures:
    • Make sure that you wash your hands often.
    • Use your own towel.
    • Clean/disinfect surfaces in your home that people often touch, such as water taps (faucets) and door handles.
    • Do not drink from the same glass as others, and do not use the same knife, fork and spoon as others.
    • Always sneeze/cough into your elbow or into a tissue or handkerchief.
  • Do not visit shops and do not use public transport.
  • If you seek care, inform the health-care staff that you are infected with Covid-19.
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules of conduct that you must follow under the Communicable Diseases Act (see Covid-19: Patient Information and Rules of Conduct).

Contact tracing – what you must do immediately

All those with a confirmed Covid‑19 infection have a duty under the Communicable Diseases Act to participate in contact tracing. To minimise the spread of Covid‑19, it is important that all those who may have been infected are informed as soon as possible.

  1. Try to remember what people you have been in close contact with during the period when you have been contagious so far. You have been contagious since 24 hours before you first felt unwell and had symptoms. Close contact means that you spent at least 15 minutes with someone within a distance of 2 metres or less – including outdoors.

    The people you live with always count as close contacts. Close contacts may also be people who have visited your home or whose home you have visited during the period in question. Further, they may be friends you have been close to in other locations or work colleagues you have been close to, for example by sitting next to them. If you may have exposed people other than your colleagues (such as students, patients or customers) to Covid‑19 at your place of work, your first option should be to contact your manager and ask him or her to read the letter of information about extended Covid‑19 contact tracing at schools, in workplaces and in clubs and associations
  2. Contact those you have been in close contact with by telephone, text message or e‑mail to inform them that they may have been exposed to the infection. A suggested wording is given below.
  3. Ask them to read the following: Information for those who have been in close contact with someone who has Covid‑19
  4. Tell your close contacts that they should see as few people as possible for 14 days starting from your last contact. Encourage them to immediately make an appointment for a test if they develop any symptoms (even light ones).
  5. Confirm that you have carried out steps 1–4 above by answering the questions in the questionnaire you will find in your inbox when you have logged in (“Alla övriga tjänster/Inkorg/Ärenden”). If you have provided a sample in Region Västmanland and are unable to log in, the Covid‑19 Contact Tracing Team (smittspårningsteam) will contact you.

Suggested wording for your message to those you have been in close contact with

Hi! I’ve just found out that I have Covid-19. I’m contacting you as part of contact tracing because we were in contact at a time when I may have been contagious without knowing it. The Västmanland Infectious Diseases Service asks you to read Information for those who have been in close contact with someone who has Covid‑19

It’s important that you see as few people as possible for the next 14 days and that you get tested if you have or get any symptoms.

Should I inform my manager, my school, my sports coach?

If you have met people at your place of work or elsewhere (such as at school, at sports practice or in other leisure activities) that you may have infected, and if for various reasons you cannot or should not inform them yourself, you may ask your manager, sports coach, school principal, etc., to help you. It is important to make sure that all those who may have been infected are informed, but they have no right to know that you are the one who has Covid‑19.

Your manager, sports coach, school principal, etc., can facilitate contact tracing by passing on information.

More information can be found here: extended Covid‑19 contact tracing at schools, in workplaces and in clubs and associations.

Information in several languages

The information sheets for patients, including rules of conduct, have been translated into several languages. Choose a language by clicking on the green button in the top-right corner of the web page which initially reads “Svenska”.

Questions about your test result

For general information about Covid‑19, first read the information on the pages about your test result or call 113 13. If you have questions about your health, contact your local health centre (vårdcentral) or 1177 Vårdguiden by phone. If you have questions about contact tracing, call the regional Covid‑19 Contact Tracing Team (smittspårningsteam) at 021-173336.

If your state of health becomes worse

If your state of health becomes worse, contact your local health centre (vårdcentral) or 1177 Vårdguiden by phone. If your life is in danger, call 112. Remember to mention that you have Covid‑19.

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