Get vaccinated against the flu

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The flu spreads easily between people

Influenza is very contagious. The virus spreads via coughing and sneezing, or when you come into close contact with an infected person. Common symptoms include cough, high fever, headaches and aches in your muscles and limbs. A flu usually lasts about a week, but you may feel tired for a few more weeks. Influenza has no serious consequences for most people. However, some people can become severely ill and even develop life-threatening conditions such as pneumonia or blood poisoning.

You are at greater risk of becoming seriously ill, and should thereforeget vaccinated, if you are

  • aged 65 or over
  • pregnant
  • an adult or a child older than 6 months with any of the following diseases or conditions:
    - chronic heart disease       
    - chronic lung disease, e g chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe asthma
    - suffering from other conditions that lead to reduced respiratory function or lower cough strength, e g extreme obesity, neuromuscular disorders and multiple disabilities
    - chronic liver failure or kidney failure
    - diabetes
    - conditions that cause the immune system to be severely weakened due to illness or treatment

About the vaccine and the vaccination

If you get vaccinated against influenza your body will have improved protection against the disease. Should you catch the flu anyway, your symptoms will most often be milder. The vaccine is adapted each year to deal with that season’s influenza virus. People all over the world have been receiving this vaccine since the 1970s. After the vaccination, your upper arm may become sore and swollen around the area where the vaccination was made. Some people get a slight fever, but these symptoms pass within a few days. Serious side effects are very rare.

When and where can you get vaccinated?

You can get vaccinated at your local health centre from 19 November 2019. If you belong to any of the groups listed above, you pay SEK 100. Contact your local health centre or surgery if you want to know more or get vaccinated. You can also read more on 1177.se.

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