Just nu är det många som ringer till 1177 i Västra Götaland.Det här meddelandet avser Västra Götaland

Just nu är det många som ringer 1177 som ej har symtom, vilket gör att det kan vara svårt att komma fram och kötiderna kan bli extra långa. Vid allmänna frågor om covid, smittspårning, vaccination, provtagning mm, läs på 1177.se eller ställ en fråga till chatboten.

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1177 Online Healthcare Guide

The 1177.se website has thousands of articles dealing with medical conditions, examinations and treatments. The site also has films, illustrations and slide presentations. There is even a special children's section.

Health centre

The health centre is the cornerstone of the Swedish healthcare system. The health centre is the first place you go to if you or your child needs medical attention. Many health centres provide advice by telephone. You can often be given an emergency appointment if it is a weekday.

At the health centre you can be examined and receive treatment for the majority of medical conditions. The health centre also works with preventive medicine and provision of health advice. The staff at the centre can even assist if you have mental problems – if you are depressed or suffer from anxiety for example – and need to talk to someone. If you require hospital care or an examination, the doctor can refer you for an appointment. You can also be referred to the psychiatric service.

Health centres are mostly open weekdays 8am-5pm. If you require care when the health centre is closed, you can go to an out-of-hours clinic.

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1177 Healthcare Advice Line

The 1177 Healthcare Advice Line is available throughout the country, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can call 1177 if you need to consult a nurse about

  • advice on self-care
  • symptoms
  • care needs
  • where you should go if you need care
  • deciding on the urgency of your care need

In case of an acute, life-threatening condition, call 112 wherever you happen to be in the country.

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Medical advice in Arabic and Somali with the help of an interpreter

You can receive medical advice in Arabic and Somali with the help of an interpreter. The service is available every day, 8am-10pm, at the normal call rate. Advice is provided on the 1177 Healthcare Advice Line by regular nurses in the Västra Götaland Region via an interpreter.
For Arabic call 0771-11 77 90.
For Somali call 0771-11 77 91.

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Antenatal Clinic

You can go to the Antenatal Clinic for contraception advice and cervical screening tests (smear tests). The clinic works closely with the Maternity Clinic and Paediatric Healthcare Department. You can also receive help if you suspect that you have contracted a sexually transmitted disease.
The clinic has access to a midwife, doctor, psychologist and dietician.

If you are pregnant, you can go to the Antenatal Clinic, which is part of the Maternity Clinic.
Appointment with a midwife

Maternity Clinic

The Maternity Clinic is part of the Antenatal Clinic. It is sometimes also called the Maternity Centre. It is available if you are pregnant. Midwives work at the Maternity Clinic. They help with healthcare and check-ups during your pregnancy, provide contraception advice and carry out cervical screening tests (smear tests). You can also receive help with tests for various sexually transmitted diseases.

All women who are pregnant are entitled to maternity care free of charge.

Child Welfare Centre

The Child Welfare Centre is available for all children aged 0-6 years. The centre is responsible for checking the health of newborn children and younger children and for providing advice on all aspects of a child's development. The staff can also visit you at home when an adopted child has recently arrived into the family or if a child has recently moved into the area.

The Child Welfare Centre works closely with the maternity clinics, health centres and paediatric and young person's clinics. A visit to the Child Welfare Centre is free of charge.
Examinations at the Child Welfare Centre

Out-of-Hours Clinic

The Out-of-Hours Clinic is also called the primary care emergency clinic or local emergency clinic. You can go along without making an appointment although you are recommended to call first. You go to the Out-of-Hours Clinic when the health centre is closed and you have an acute medical condition and you cannot wait until the next day.  

If necessary, you will be sent to the hospital accident and emergency department. The Out-of-Hours Clinic is a complement to the health centres and the hospital accident and emergency departments. It is available purely for short-term intervention. No long-term examinations are carried out there.

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Emergency care

In case of a serious accident, serious medical condition or if you require an ambulance, you can call 112. The paramedic will decide if you need to go to hospital. If necessary, a doctor can be summoned.

You must go to an accident and emergency department immediately if you have sudden severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, a head injury, a severe acute headache, severe abdominal pain, a seizure, a broken bone, a deep cut, major bleeding or if you are unconscious or experience sudden severe pain.

The patient is not always given a diagnosis at the accident and emergency department. All that is provided is treatment so that the patient can be moved to another department for specialist care or examination.

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