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Patient charges in Västra Götaland

Patientavgifter i Västra Götaland - engelskaThe content concerns Västra Götaland

You pay the same charges regardless of whether you use the healthcare services provided by the Västra Götaland Region (VGR) or the services of a private healthcare provider with which the region has an agreement.

Ideally, we would like you to pay your patient charge using a debit card. If you are unable to pay by card, you can be issued with an invoice or you can pay in cash.


Visit to a doctor who is part of VG Primary Healthcare 

Visit to a health centre - day or night

SEK 100 (designated health centre) 
SEK 300 (other health centre)

Home visit

SEK 200 (designated health centre)
SEK 300 (other health centre) 

Visit to a doctor at another clinic 

Visit to a general medical specialist who is part of joint regional operations/contracts
Home visit 

SEK 200

SEK 300 

Visit to other general medical specialist
Home visit

SEK 300
SEK 300

Visit to a gynaecologist
Home visit 

SEK 200
SEK 300 

Visit to another specialist
Home visit

SEK 300
SEK 400

First visit to another specialist following referral from a general medical specialist or doctors within VG Primary Healthcare

SEK 100

Medical care within VG Primary Healthcare  

Visit to a district nurse, nurse, welfare officer, psychologist, etc. Also applies to what is known as termed intermediate testing

SEK 50   (designated health centre)
SEK 100 (other health centre)

 Medical care at another clinic

Visit to a district nurse, nurse, welfare officer, psychologist, etc. Also applies to what is termed intermediate testing

SEK 100

Visit to a welfare officer at a young persons' clinic


Visit to an occupational therapist or physiotherapist

SEK 100

Home visit by a physiotherapist

SEK 200

Out-of-hours centres - primary healthcare (outside VG Primary Healthcare)

22.00-07.00, Monday - Sunday 

Visit to a doctor and medical treatment 

SEK 300



Healthcare, vaccinations and certificates

See separate charge list

Group visit/treatment

SEK 50

Prescription by telephone, post, e-mail, etc.

SEK 0 

Daily charge following admission to hospital

SEK 100

Transport by ambulance, one-way journey (also applies to children)

SEK 150

Breast screening


Gynaecological screening tests


Abdominal aorta aneurysm screening

SEK 100

Visit to hand over, test/adapt or train in the use of technical aids


Visit to a clinic that results in admission to hospital


*) Depends on which healthcare provider you visit

Children and young people

Medical care for children and young people up to the age of 19 is free of charge.

Free healthcare

The following visits are free of charge:

  • Visit to a maternity clinic/antenatal clinic
  • Visit to a child welfare clinic
  • Visit to a children and young persons' psychiatric clinic
  • Visit for advice on contraception and termination of pregnancy
  • Visit under the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act
  • Visit for people in custody, on remand or in prison
  • Visit for people undergoing basic military training and supplementary military training within the armed forces
  • Visit to a welfare officer as part of a social care initiative
  • All medical care for children and young people up to the age of 19
  • Telephone advice

Refund if you need to wait more than 30 minutes

If you have made an appointment for a visit to a healthcare unit run by the Västra Götaland Region, you should not need to wait more than 30 minutes after your appointed time. If you need to wait longer, you will be entitled to a refund of the patient charge. You will still receive the care and treatment you require. This does not apply to visits to emergency clinics or out-of-hours clinics. Patient charges will only be refunded at the time of the visit in question and refunds cannot be made at a later date.

Charges if you fail to attend

If you fail to keep an appointment without cancelling, you pay the same patient charge that you would have paid if you had attended. Appointments must be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment. If you fail to keep an appointment for which you would not have paid a patient charge, you will be required to pay a charge of SEK 100. This charge is not covered by the high-cost protection scheme. Exemption cards cannot be used as payment if you fail to keep an appointment.

Payment by invoice

If you do not pay in cash or by card, you will be invoiced for the patient charge.

High-cost protection, outpatient care, SEK 1 150

High-cost protection within outpatient care means that you do not need to pay more than a certain amount in patient charges over the course of one year. You add up the cost of visits to clinics in the region and in other county council areas as well as private healthcare providers (which have an agreement with VGR). When you have reached the threshold of SEK 1 150 you will be issued with an exemption card.

What does high-cost protection cover?

High-cost protection applies when you visit a medical practice and when you receive medical care that can be provided by, for example, a district nurse, physiotherapist or psychologist. If you are entitled to what is termed essential dental care – dental care that is part of treatment for a disease or dental care that is a result of a long-term disease or disability – the patient charges you pay can also be included.

High-cost protection does not cover everything. For example, it does not cover:

  • vaccinations
  • preventive care, such as breast screening and gynaecological health checks
  • the cost of appointments you have failed to keep
  • the cost of certificates
  • the cost of copies of your case notes
  • travel by ambulance

Exemption card

If you have visited a clinic as an outpatient and paid a total of SEK 1 150 for medical care and treatment within one year, you are eligible for an exemption card. The card entitles you to free healthcare for the remaining 12 months, calculated from the first visit that formed the basis for the exemption card, in other words the oldest payment made under the high- cost protection scheme. The exemption card is valid throughout the country.

This is what you do

For each visit, attach the receipt to your high-cost card or ask the staff to write on the card the charges you have paid. Cards are available from the clinic. It is important that you bring your high-cost card with you.

If you pay by invoice, you contact patient invoicing 4-5 days after you have paid. They will send a receipt showing that the invoice has been paid. Bring the receipt along with you next time you visit as an outpatient. You can also go to your nearest health centre, where the reception staff will arrange for the amount to be added to your high-cost card.

As a patient, it is important that you keep a check on how much you have paid in patient charges so that you can be issued with an exemption card.

Children and young people

Children and young people under the age of 18 who are members of the same family have joint high-cost protection. Charges for children are combined on the same card.

If you lose your exemption card

Save your high-cost card, together with a note of the patient charges, or the receipts, even after you received your exemption card. This will make it easier to obtain a replacement (with the same period of validity as the original card) if you happen to lose or misplace your card. You can receive help with this at any clinic.

You can obtain a new exemption card even if you do not have the necessary documentation for an exemption card. In this case, you must contact the clinic that issued your exemption card or any other clinic you have visited using your exemption card and which has recorded the period of validity of the card.

High-cost protection for patient transport, SEK 1 650

For patient transport, you must pay SEK 1 650 per year before high-cost protection comes into effect.

Charges when you are admitted to hospital

The patient charge for someone who is admitted to hospital is SEK 100 per day.

If you fail to attend for a planned procedure as an inpatient without cancelling, you will be required to pay a fixed charge of SEK 300. Cancellation must take place no later than 24 hours before the appointed time. 

Patients who are receiving full activity benefit or sickness benefit, and who are under the age of 40, pay half the fee for the first 30 days of care. After 30 days, patients pay SEK 100 per day.

If a patient dies, the patient's estate pays any outstanding patient charges.

Free healthcare

Certain inpatient healthcare is free of charge. This applies, for example, to

  • Children and young people up to the age of 19 
  • Anyone receiving healthcare under the Swedish Communicable Diseases Act
  • People in custody, on remand or in prison
  • Anyone undergoing basic military training and supplementary military training in the armed forces.
  • Patients who are on leave and who are outside the hospital for at least 12 hours between 06.00 and 24.00.

High-cost protection for inpatient charges

Inpatients will be subject to patient charges totalling no more than SEK 1 500 per unbroken 30-day period. Qualifying care for this high-cost protection is inpatient healthcare within the region and run by the region or by any other healthcare provider that has an agreement with the Västra Götaland Region.

High-cost protection for inpatient care is only available to residents in the Västra Götaland Region. This protection is personal and cannot be combined with patient charges for other family members.

Aftercare, rehabilitation, nursing homes

The patient charge for aftercare, rehabilitation and nursing homes is the same as the charge for inpatient care. This means that the patient will pay SEK 100 per day once care has been approved by the county council in the person's home area.

Exemption from charges applies to the same categories as for inpatient care – see above.

High-cost protection is not available for aftercare, rehabilitation and nursing homes.

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