Collective information about COVID-19

Get a proof of vaccination without needing a Swedish personal identity number or a coordination number

Få bevis på att du är vaccinerad mot covid-19 utan att ha ett svenskt personnummer eller samordningsnummer - engelskaThe content concerns Västra Götaland

To get a proof of vaccination, you need to contact the vaccinator that gave you the last dose and give them the following information:

  1. The reservation number your vaccination was registered with. If you do not know your reservation number, you can give them your date of birth instead.
  2. Your name
  3. The address (or c/o address) that you want the proof to be sent to.

If you have difficulties contacting your vaccinator, please ask someone for help! If you cannot find the contact information to your vaccinator, you can get help by emailing or by calling:

010-473 94 30 (Swedish)

011-473 00 22 (Arabic)

011-473 00 23 (Persian)

011-473 00 24 (Somali)

You need identification

The vaccinator will send the proof of vaccination by registered mail to your nearest post office. You need a valid identification approved by Postnord to collect it.

Do you have a coordination number?

Those with a coordination number can apply for a proof of vaccination through the e-Health Agency. If your vaccination has not been registered with your coordination number means that it has been registered with a reserve number instead. In this case you need to follow the instructions above.

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