Health examinations at the BVC

BVC: 5 years

Hälsobesök på BVC vid 5 år - engelskaThe content concerns Västra Götaland

When your child is 5 years old, you will see the nurse at BVC. Together, you will discuss how your child is doing, how things are at pre-school, playing, and spending time together. You will also follow up on previous discussions.

Your child will be weighed and measured, and sometimes have their eyesight checked. Most children feel more at ease if they know what will happen during the visit in advance. You can prepare the child by talking about what will happen and by looking at the series of images below.


During the visit, vaccinations for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, and polio are offered. The injection is normally given in the arm. Your child sits on your lap when the injections are given. Your child can be distracted by showing them something that is of interest to them. Talk to your child and ask them what would make them feel the most comfortable. As a parent, you are a source of safety to your child. If you feel uncertain or have concerns prior to the vaccination, you can speak to the nurse at BVC.

This is the final scheduled visit to the BVC. If additional visits are needed before your child starts school, this can be arranged. Children who do not start in pre-school class when they are six are offered an additional visit to the BVC.

The school nurse take over health care responsibilities when your child starts pre-school class. During the visit, you decide what the school nurse at the child’s school needs to know. A copy of the child’s medical records are submitted to the school after you consent.

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