Health examinations at the BVC

BVC: 4 years

Hälsobesök på BVC vid 4 år - engelskaThe content concerns Västra Götaland

When your child is 4 years old, you will see the nurse. Along with your child, you will talk about your child’s health and development, and follow up on previous discussions.

Your child and the nurse will do a puzzle together and talk about what makes the body feel good. The nurse will observe how your child moves, talks, and understands. Your child will have their eyesight checked in addition to being weighed and measured.

Common topics include what your child eats and what meals are like in your family, how your child is doing at pre-school, playing, and spending time together. Eating and movement habits are formed early in a child’s life and play a major part in the child’s health throughout their entire lives.

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