Health examinations at the BVC

2–8 weeks

Hälsobesök på BVC vid 2-8 veckor - engelskaThe content concerns Västra Götaland

When your child is 4 weeks old, you will see both a nurse and a physician. The child will be examined and you are given the opportunity to talk about and ask questions concerning your child.

When your child turns 8 weeks old, you will be offered the first dose of a vaccine against the rotavirus. The vaccine is in the form of sweet tasting drops and is given orally.

When your child is between 6–8 weeks old, the parent who gave birth to the child will be offered a conversation with the nurse regarding their health following the pregnancy and childbirth. Conversations with a nurse or psychologist are available if necessary. All children are entitled to a childhood without physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. As such, the BVC asks questions regarding abuse.

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