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Cervical screening test

Cellprov från livmodern - engelska

A cervical screening test is performed by collecting a sample from your cervix via your vagina. This test shows whether there have been any changes in your uterus that could develop into cancer. The cervical screening test can show whether anything has changed at a very early stage. This makes it possible to give you the right treatment as early as possible, if required. A cervical screening test is performed free of charge.


Gynaecological cervical smear test in Västmanland

 In Västmanland, all women between the ages of 23 and 49 are offered a cervical smear test every third year. From the age of 50, you are called every fifth year until the age of 60 years.

The sample is taken at the midwife reception to which you belong and the test costs SEK 200. This fee is not included in the high-cost protection.

Is the time which you have been offered inconvenient?

If the time which you have been given for the cervical smear test is inconvenient, you can re-book the time yourself on the internet, via the e-service “Mina vårdkontakter”. If you cancel the time, you can at any time during the coming year book a new time via “Mina vårdkontakter”.

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