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If you are not doing well after a frightening experience – PTSD

PTSD - engelska

If you were involved in something really frightening, you may not feel well for a very long time. For example, you may have trouble sleeping, experience pain in your body, or get very scared sometimes. If this is the case, you can seek medical care. There is treatment that can help you.

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It is not unusual to feel bad after a frightening experience. Here are some examples of frightening experiences:

  • Someone threatened you, tortured you, or was violent towards you.
  • You witnessed someone threatening, torturing, or being violent towards other people.
  • You suddenly lost a close friend or member of your family.
  • You experienced war, a natural disaster, or an accident.

People react to things differently. You may not feel well after a frightening experience, while someone else may not be as affected. You might start feeling bad right after it happens, or you could experience side effects a long time later. 

How you might be affected by a frightening experience

  • You have trouble sleeping and have nightmares.
  • You think about the horrible thing that happened often. It may feel very real.
  • You feel sad or angry often.
  • You get a strong sense of fear that comes on suddenly and you can feel in your body.
  • You have trouble concentrating.
  • You feel stiff or have pain in your body.
  • You avoid things or situations that remind you of what happened.
  • You avoid other people, sometimes even your own family.
  • You feel like nothing makes you happy, or that nothing matters.
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